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Congratulations! Your organization has earned the tier one recognition as part of the AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative Recognition Program, for achieving the following Quality initiative goal: **Safely reducing hospital readmissions** AHCA/NCAL commends you and your staff’s proven commitment to quality, demonstrated by your attainment of the Quality Initiative goals. Your accomplishment means improving the lives of the individuals you serve, which is what the Quality Initiative is ultimately about. Congratulations again, for your extraordinary efforts in meeting measureable targets which improve the lives of the people you serve! Your achievement inspires others and invigorates our work here at AHCA/NCAL.

— Mark Parkinson, President & David Kylio

My stay at the Pines at Poughkeepsie was fantastic as the service was excellent and therapy was very professional. The staff was well trained and gave a personal feeling much better than the hospital I was in prior. I would highly encourage patients to use these services. Thank you for being my top pick!

— John Mahusky

The best decision that I made concerning my path to recovery from total hip replacement surgery was to spend two weeks at The Pines at Poughkeepsie. I was very impressed with the care that I received at The Pines. The staff was professional and accommodating and above all else, they were concerned about my full and steady recovery. Also I was impressed with the cleanliness of your facility. The shower rooms, patient rooms and the common areas of the facility were beautifully maintained. I have told my family and friends about my wonderful experience at The Pines. I highly recommend your facility to those who are in need of skilled nursing or repeat service. I would like to mention by name the wonderful staff members who helped me in those two weeks and that list is long: Rebecca Simpson – she efficiently and cheerfully helped me through the admissions process. Nurse Salina – 3-11pm. She is an asset to your facility and an asset to all of her patents. Nursing is a vocation that stems from the heart and Nurse Salina has her heart in that good place when it comes to excellent patient care. LOVED HER Louise Quartuccio – my ambassador who went out of her way to accommodate my every need and who wanted to know if she could do anything more for me. Aliicia Tierney – 5th floor SW – she addressed all my questions, concerns and needs with the care and professionalism that lifted the burden off of my shoulders. Nurse Tamara – she brightened each day with her smile and lovely disposition! OT Rebecca – a dedicated therapist who went out of her way each morning and came to my room to put on my compression stockings. She didn’t have to do that but she did! She also gave me the know-how and confidence that I needed when I returned home. PT Elizabeth – another dedicated therapist who addressed my every need. She showed me how to gain the strength that I needed to function and recover when I left The Pines. Aides Beverly and Ingrid – I was so very impressed with their hard work ethic. They were always kind and attentive to all of their patients. I commend them for their efforts and excellent patient care. I know that I am forgetting to mention many more of your wonderful staff members who touched my life for two weeks at The Pines of Poughkeepsie. Would you please be so kind to acknowledge the receipt of my letter.

— Linda Soldo

“My stay at the Pines at Poughkeepsie was very good. After I broke my hip, my doctor told me I needed a good therapy program. The Pines at Poughkeepsie has a great program with wonderful staff and I would come back again if I needed you. Thank you very much.”

— Donna T

“We always felt that The Pines had a warm and welcoming atmosphere and even our dog, Little Annie, enjoyed her visits! We were indeed fortunate that our mother was placed in your facility. Thank you for the outstanding care and treatment she received.”

— Mary Ellen & Stanley G. Still

The first day that I came to The Pines, I assumed it would be just like the previous rehab I was in. To my surprise, it was 100% different, no comparison at all. The staff here did a one on one welcoming me here. I’ve been here two weeks and every time an aide enters the room, they knock before entering the room. The aides make it happen if you need something; I’ve never had a request denied. The nurses always tell you what medications you are getting and let you discuss how you feel. OT is never a dull experience. They work with you according to your needs and they try different things, it’s very diverse. PT is excellent; they work on your strengths. I actually enjoyed going to Physical Therapy! I was confident in my recovery because of the one on one attention they give you in therapy. I was impressed watching all the therapists with their patients. It’s amazing how well they work together. I would rate this place a 4+. Everything is at your fingertips and I would recommend The Pines at Poughkeepsie for rehab.

— Theresa La Cicero

Back in January 2014, my Mom, was brought to the hospital suffering from Spinal Stenosis. I flew in from out of state the next day. Upon arriving and speaking with the doctors and nurses, Mom decided that she would need to make some drastic changes in her life: she decided it was time to move in with me as she was now afraid to live alone. This was a very difficult decision for her after being so independent her entire life and had lived alone in her home for the past 20 years. I was very concerned that this decision would take away her amazing spirit… In March 2014, she was transferred to The Pines at Poughkeepsie Center, after a weeklong stay at the hospital. Having no past experience, we were both very anxious about this. She was admitted to your center for rehab on her legs and her right arm that had some issues from last fall. Her left leg was going out from underneath her for about 2 weeks and she had fallen 5 times and was using a walker. Her first night at your center, she called me to tell me she did not receive her nighttime medication, I then called and spoke to her nurse who immediately looked up Mom’s chart and told me her medication would be in at midnight. That was THE ONLY ISSUE we had during her entire stay…we would like to express to you, the fact that your 4th FLOOR STAFF AND PHYSICAL THERAPY DEPT ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! The Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Staff, Nursing Staff, Aids, Food Service, Social Services, Recreational and last but not least, your Housekeeping Staff were just THE BEST. I would like to give you specific examples of how the team is so exceptional, goes the extra mile and treats everyone with such respect and dignity, but I don’t have enough room here!

— Sue Horaz

Three years ago I lost a 60 year old daughter after 3 years of hospital and nursing home stays. I visited her wherever she was and never found a nursing home that I was comfortable with. I do feel good with “The Pines.” I appreciate the homelike atmosphere. The workers are extremely helpful and are skilled in their work. I wish I could have found this place for Connie. Everyone is friendly and cooperative. The rehab is managed by skilled people and I knew that when I returned home, I’d be able to deal with my life during my future years.

— Rita D. Chesser

“The aides and rehab were excellent. After suffering from a stroke and having chemotherapy I was able to return home sooner than I thought and I am back to driving and being independent again! Thank you Pines at Poughkeepsie!”

— Lauren L.

The Passport Unit at The Pines provided me with exceptional care while I was recuperating from surgery. My strength and mobility were restored and in a short period of time I have been able to resume my prior activities. All the staff are skilled and compassionate. The Pines of Poughkeepsie is an excellent health and rehabilitation resource in our community.

— Vera B.