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My stay at the Pines at Poughkeepsie was fantastic as the service was excellent and therapy was very professional. The staff was well trained and gave a personal feeling much better than the hospital I was in prior. I would highly encourage patients to use these services. Thank you for being my top pick!

— J.M.

My stay at the Pines at Poughkeepsie was very good. After I broke my hip, my doctor told me I needed a good therapy program. The Pines at Poughkeepsie has a great program with wonderful staff and I would come back again if I needed you. Thank you very much.

— D.T.

We always felt that The Pines had a warm and welcoming atmosphere and even our dog, Little Annie, enjoyed her visits! We were indeed fortunate that our mother was placed in your facility. Thank you for the outstanding care and treatment she received.

— M.E. & S.S.

The first day that I came to The Pines, I assumed it would be just like the previous rehab I was in. To my surprise, it was 100% different, no comparison at all. The staff here did a one on one welcoming me here. I’ve been here two weeks and every time an aide enters the room, they knock before entering the room. The aides make it happen if you need something; I’ve never had a request denied. The nurses always tell you what medications you are getting and let you discuss how you feel. OT is never a dull experience. They work with you according to your needs and they try different things, it’s very diverse. PT is excellent; they work on your strengths. I actually enjoyed going to Physical Therapy! I was confident in my recovery because of the one on one attention they give you in therapy. I was impressed watching all the therapists with their patients. It’s amazing how well they work together. I would rate this place a 4+. Everything is at your fingertips and I would recommend The Pines at Poughkeepsie for rehab.

— T.L.

The aides and rehab were excellent. After suffering from a stroke and having chemotherapy I was able to return home sooner than I thought and I am back to driving and being independent again! Thank you Pines at Poughkeepsie!

— L.L.

The Passport Unit at The Pines provided me with exceptional care while I was recuperating from surgery. My strength and mobility were restored and in a short period of time I have been able to resume my prior activities. All the staff are skilled and compassionate. The Pines of Poughkeepsie is an excellent health and rehabilitation resource in our community.

— V.B.